Night at the Library 2020 ~ A Moveable Feast


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored, donated, and attended Night at the Library! 

Lisa Libby and Dan Albert
Bonnie Anderson
Sarvi and Scott Anderson
Jane and Ralph Anthony
Ann and Peter Appert
Stephanie Asadorian
Anne and Bart Baer
Sherry Ann Banks
Carrie and Kelly Barlow
Carolyn and Mark Bauer
Jan Berckefeldt
Rachel and Peter Berkowitz
Malaika Stoll and Steven Bliss
Sarah and Steven Blumenfeld
Susan Boreliz
Tammy and Michael Borosky
Kathleen and Richard Bowles
Alice Breakstone
Becky Breen
Kathleen and Mark Bressler
David Shapiro and Tina Brier
Jan and Rich Broad
Mary Ann Brown
Jenny and Chris Burford
Julia Ackley and Cameron Burks
Caity and Lee Burrows
Anne Cain
Susan Candell
Jacqueline Carson and Alan Cox Carson
Jane and Wing Chin
Yolanda and Craig Churchill
Susan Coleman
Cathy Coviello
Nelle and Kennan Cronen
Rebecca Daggs
Adenna Davis
Victoria DeMoss
Diablo Foods
Sharon Doi
Julio Dolorico
Gloria Duffy
Arlene Kostant and Stephen Elbert
Anita Embleton
Karen Evans
Pat and Roger Falcone
Carol Federighi
John Eaton and Beth Ferree
Danielle and Sean Gallagher
Teresa and Michael Gerringer
Linda and Jeffrey Gidre
Susan Giffen
Molly Gleason-Kodama
Diana and Kent Godfrey
Debbie Goldberg
Beth Goldberg
Jerry Goldstone
Kara and Gary Gragg
Diana Graham
Trish Gregovich
Sandi Gritzer
Anne and Marshall Grodin
Yolanda Mendoza and Mike Heller
Myrna Hennessy
Wayne Bailey and Sandra Higgins
Carla Hilton
Mary Ann Hoisington
Kelly Hood
Walter Harrower and Rita Iorfida
Kathy and Jim Jakel
Lisa Kanning
Roy Powell and Judy Kirkpatrick
Corie Knights
Cammy and David Krznaric
Kathleen and David LaCross
Kathie Langfield
Kathy and Mark Lefanowicz
Tony Suh and Suzette Leith
Gwenn and John Lennox
Helen Licht
Marcia Linn
Julia Locatelli
Nicole and Steve Long

Michael Losoff
Peggy Lucchesi
Kaisa and Adam Lyon

Sue Lyon
Suzanne and Lawrence Margerum
Barbara and Chuck Marshall
Oystein and Byrne Mathisen
Linda May Cooney
Sonya Medena
Nikki Maziasz
Meredith and Dan Meade
Patricia Meaney
Julie and Jay Meissner
Kathy and Mike Merchant
Laurie Miles
Linda and Jeffrey Momsen
J.P. Morgan
Karen and Tom Mulvaney
Meg Mulvaney
Jodie and Mason Mulvaney
Sharon and Bill Nagle
Beth and Aaron Needel
Maria Nicolacakis
Cheryl Noll
Mark Gundacker and Suzy Pak
Grace and Jerome Paolini
Tom Paradiso
Amy and Stephen Parlett
Cheryl Paul
Jennifer Perlmutter
Laurie and Duane Phillips
Erika Pringsheim, Metro
Mary Ransdell
Wendy and Peter Read
Stephanie and Steven Reilly
Don Tatzin and Ellen Reintjes
Iris Ring
Susan and Kenn Rosenberg
Jeff Rubin
Josephine Sabolboro
Edward Schaefer
Chris and Leo Schiavello
Vickie Sciacca
Regan and Chip Scovic
Carolyn and John Sertich
Ellen Shapiro
Deiedre and Brian Shea
Katrina and Rick Silvani
Maya and David Smith
Romi and Glenn Smith
Chelsey Souza
Lisa and Joe Spiegler
Cherry Sprague
Linda and Richard Staaf
Carey and Frank Starn
Maureen Steiner
Tom and Virginia Steuber
Patricia Stull
Renee and Tim Sweeney
Anne Marie Taylor
Stephenie and Dan Teichman
Sarah and Jay Thayer
Teli and Brad Thayer
Lorraine and William Thomas
Ruth and James Thornburg
John Todd
Kathi and Jorge Torres
Mary Beth and Mark Towery
Jean and Fred Tuemmler
Janet and David Van Etten
Debby Weinstein
Katharine and Timothy Welch
Jacinta Pister and Richard J Whitmore
Mary Anne and Hugh Winig
Christina and Christopher Winquist
Christine and Rick Wise
Marjorie Witt
Julie Wyrick
Denise Zetterbau


Thank you to our participating Moveable Feast restaurants: Barranco, Batch & Brine, Fraiche Catering, Metro, La Finestra, Lavash, Locanda Positano, Pizza Antica, Reve Bistro, and Sideboard, plus wine from Wine Thieves. 

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Proceeds benefit the Lafayette Library and Learning Center.

The Library relies on donations to meet the growing, every changing needs of the community. Your donation makes it possible for the Library to provide innovative programs (1,000 each year, 100% funded by the Foundation), with the latest resources and professional services for the benefit of us all.

Doesn’t the county provide funding for the Library?  

60% of the Library’s funds come from the LLLC Foundation (52+%) and Friends. Donors keep the doors open for an additional 24 hours, with professional staff, the latest resources/technology, and enriching programs for all. 

Very limited funding (less than 40%) comes from the County and City of Lafayette.