World Affairs Council East Bay presents: The Use and Misuse of the US Military as a Tool of Foreign Policy

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 · 6:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Located at the Community Hall

Designed for: Adults (18+), High School (Grades 9-12), Seniors

World Affairs Council East Bay Chapter presents

The US Military as a Tool of Foreign Policy
Speaker: Michael S. Baker M.D., RADM (lh), US Navy (ret)
Why do we send US troops to defend Saudi Arabia? And abruptly pull them from Syria? Is the US military being used or misused as a tool of foreign policy? 
The US military has been used (and misused) for the last 75 years as a foreign policy cudgel in an uneven and often inexplicable fashion.  The world’s most powerful military has not won a war in 75 years, has destroyed numerous societal systems, created millions of displaced refugees, and spawned disdain for our policies along with creating numerous enemies. We will look at case studies of American foreign policy fiascos which have eroded the image and reputation of America around the world.
Join World Affairs East Bay Chapter for a controversial lecture and discussion with Dr. Michael Baker. Rear Admiral Baker served 30 years in uniform, held numerous posts including Commander, US Naval Medical Forces Korea, from 2001 -2005, and has received numerous awards including 3 Legion of Merit Awards, a Marine Corps Combat Action ribbon, and the Combat Craft River Warfare pin. 
Dr. Baker, a retired military officer, has worked on contingency planning and joint exercises involving potential crises on the Korean Peninsula, been on the staff of US Strategic Command which defends the US from nuclear and other threats, and was a medical planner for Naval Forces Central Command working on issues in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. 
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