Rental Policies

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Rental Policies and General Information

  • All fees and use regulations are subject to change.
  • Rental agreements cannot be transferred, assigned, sublet or issued to minors.
  • Use of the facilities cannot interfere with regular County Library operations and programs.
  • Renter shall restrict all activities to the area(s) so designated and to the restrooms.
  • Set up and clean up time must be accounted for in your rental time.
  • Storage (for food/beverages, decorations, equipment, rentals, etc.) is not available either before or after an event.
  • LLLCF has the right to review materials used to publicize events held at LLLC as well as proposed entertainment. Please ensure to specify the name of the room/space that you are renting on your event publicity (i.e. “The Oak Conference Room at the LLLC”).
  • All decorations must be approved and flame retardant. Only blue painter tape or twine may be used to hang decorations/signage. Use of nails, tacks, staples, sticky tape, confetti, uncontained candles, aerosol streamers, sand, hay, etc. are prohibited.
  • For large parties or events, as determined by LLLCF, a $150 janitorial fee will be charged.
  • Applicant shall exhibit no permanent signs on or adjacent to the building. Temporary portable signs may be exhibited during rental period with prior authorization.
  • We do not rent to any individual or group that discriminates because of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Deposits, Payments, and Cancellations

  • Your rental is not confirmed until LLLCF has received a signed Rental Agreement and a deposit of 50% of the estimated total balance. The remaining balance is due one week after your rental.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and any deposit paid will be forfeited.
  • Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance may be subject to loss of the entire rental fee.
  • The LLLCF reserves the right to reschedule, relocate or deny a request of a previously confirmed reservation.

Security Deposits, Damages, and Insurance

  • A security deposit may be required and is due no later than 30 days in advance. Charges for extra cleaning, damage to the facility, furnishings and/or property, and overtime fees will result in a deduction or forfeit of deposit. Renters will be billed for damages not covered by the deposit. If property is not vacated by end of the contractual period, associated costs will be deducted from security deposit or billed accordingly.
  • When a certificate of insurance is required, obtain this from your insurance company naming the City of Lafayette, the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation, and the Lafayette Library and Learning Center and its employees and agents as additional insured and indicating that your insurance coverage is primary. The amount of the insurance should be for no less than $1 million.


  • Renters are responsible for set-up and removal of all decorations and outside equipment. Tables/chairs are to be cleared off and trash placed in appropriate receptacles. Spills/stains are to be cleaned from floors. Kitchen area is to be cleaned and all personal items removed.
  • All property brought in by renters must be removed at end of the rental. We cannot guarantee the return of any items left behind.
  • Renters are solely responsible and answerable financially for any and all accidents or injuries to persons or property resulting from the use of Library facilities.
  • Renters shall be responsible for the control and supervision of all people in attendance during the usage of the facility and shall take care to see that the facility suffers no damage, and that everyone conducts him/herself in an orderly manner. If damages or behavior of the group warrant, a function may be stopped in progress, and renter may be denied further use of the facilities.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy                               

 If alcoholic beverages will be sold, a license must be obtained in advance from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. This includes direct exchange of money for beverages, purchase of tickets that may be exchanged for beverages, or purchase of a dinner or event ticket that includes the service of alcoholic beverages. For more information and to download Form 221, go to


The LLLCF has its own two-story free parking garage with 76 parking spots. Street parking is limited to 2 hours except in the evenings and on Sundays. Because our lot fills up quickly, public transportation and carpooling is encouraged.


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Event Promotion

As an added service to renters looking for an additional avenue for marketing their events taking place at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center, the LLLC Foundation offers an advertiser section in the AdLib email newsletter that promotes upcoming Library and Foundation programs. More information on placing an ad is outlined on the downloadable Ad Spec sheet.