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CHILDREN's library

Thanks to generous donations to recent Night at the Library Fund-a-Need campaigns, the
Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation is able to invest in one of our largest groups
of patrons - who also happen to be our smallest! Read on for details about investments in the Children's Library and Outside Deck. 

children's library update

On any given day, one of the busiest areas of the Lafayette Library is the Children's section, where scores of youngsters find the resources to develop skills of inquiry, creativity and early literacy.

Generous"Fund-a-Need" contributions made at Night at the Library in 2018 and 2019 allowed to Foundation to transform this space with:

  • bright paint

  • reupholstered cushions in reading nooks

  • child-level bookshelves

  • an abundance of sturdy new furniture

The new furnishings include plenty of comfortable, ergonomic seating for children and their caregivers; vibrant area rugs for getting lost in a book or for playtime; as well as lightweight, moveable cushions and floor pads that are easy to clean. 

Next up is the renovation of a spacious activity deck located directly off the Children's Library. This project will result in 200 sq. ft. of safe outdoor space for programs, classes and daily patron use. With a glass enclosure, louvred overhead trellis, and folding glass doors, the outdoor deck will meet a variety of needs. 

Children_s Corner - author reading.jpg
THANKs TO the following donors
for making this project possible!

Lisa Libby Albert and Dan Albert

Ann and Peter Appert

Ann and Bart Baer

Carrie and Kelly Barlow

Rachel and Peter Berkowitz

Shiva Berman

Kathleen Bowles

Tracy and Spencer Brog

Peter Brooks

Julia Ackley and Cameron Burks

Caitlin and Lee Burrows

Anne Cain

Melinda Cervantes

Jane and Bill Collett

Daniel Collier

Michael Collier

Kristin and TJ Connelly

Jackie and Tom Courtright

Denise and Edward Del Beccaro

Patricia James and Joseph Di Prisco

Lisa and Joe Downes

Jeanne Jones and Larry Duson 

Bill Eames

Phyllis Edwards

Nancy and Steven Falk

Dena Graff and Luke Fretwell

Jessica Fribley

Cathy Blake and Michael Gilson

Patty and Robert Gonser

Anne and Marshall Grodin

Suzy Pak and Mark Gundacker

Molly and Kevin Guthrie

Seth Hamalian

Pam and George Hamel

Rita Iorfida and Walter Harrower

Mary Ann Hoisington

Robin and Richard Holt

Joanne Hughes

Kathy and Jim Jakel

Catherine and Joseph Kauder

Jeni Kester

John H. Kiefer

Roxy and Steve Klein

Kathleen and David LaCross

Gwenn and John Lennox

Kaisa and Adam Lyon

Nikki Maziasz

Colleen and Patrick McCarty

Kerin Megibow

Julie and Jay Meissner

Kathy and Mike Merchant

Laurelle and Richard Miles

Anne Mitchell

Karen and Tom Mulvaney

Jodie and Mason Mulvaney

Meg Mulvaney

Beth and Aaron Needel

Patrick O'Brien

Kirsa Phillips

Susan and Uwe Reimer

Chris and Leo Schiavello

Cybille Scott

Joanne Silver

George Spivy

Carey and Frank Starn

Virginia and Tom Steuber

Daniel Stokes

Robin and Robert Strandberg

Ellen Reintjes and Don Tatzin

Kathi and Jorge Torres

Janet and David Van Etten

Molly and Kris Van Stralen

Cathy and Mark Vandenberghe

Katharine and Timothy Welch

Ellen and Craig Whittom

Christina and Christopher Winquist

Christine and Richard Wise

Nancy Yuan-Chi Yang

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

LMK Interiors

Perloff Family Foundation

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