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Lafayette Library AND
learning center foundation

Thursday, September 28, 2023
2:00 PM |  Don Tatzin Community Hall

Lafayette Library and
Learning Center Fou

Distinguished  Speakers Series


Paul Madonna

The Commissions


Get ready for a rollicking and irresistible new mystery from award-winning artist and author Paul Madonna.

The Commissions kicks off the origin story of what promises to be an unforgettable new eccentric detective, Ronnie Gilbert. In a mystery filled with suspense and surprises around every corner, Paul Madonna delivers a rich and captivating portrait of San Francisco in the last days before the turn of the millennium, brought to life by one hundred of his signature pen-and-ink drawings.

Known for his lush pen and ink drawings, Paul Madonna applies his hand to the fictional world by making Emit Hopper the man behind the drawings. Each book includes a subplot of images, making their presence within the story an integral part of the plot.

Previous Emit Hopper titles include Close Enough for the Angels, introducing Emit and following him across Asia after he meets Julia, who goes missing on a California trail shortly after their marriage, and Come to Light, a beautiful three-volume box set which follows Emit on a wild ride across Europe as he searches for the man he believes is responsible for Julia’s death.

Paul Madonna is known for combining drawing and stories in a wide range of genres, from his enigmatic art series All Over Coffee which ran for twelve years in the San Francisco Chronicle, to his large-scale public murals, to his entertaining and sharply-plotted mystery novels. Celebrated internationally in museums as well as in print, Paul’s unique blend of drawing and storytelling has been heralded as an “all new art form.”

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Books available at Orinda Books and at the event.  

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